A 26 inch long painting is how many yards long ?

inch 17112017

Answer :

A 26′ long painting is how many yards long?
The foot (pl. feet; abbreviation: ft; symbol: ′, the prime symbol) is a unit of length in the imperial and US customary systems of measurement.

1 yard = 3 feet

26 feet/3 yard = 8 2/3 = 8.66666666667

inch 17112017

Grass erosion dam ?

grass : erosion :: dam :

A. breeze
B. rain
C. water
D. tree

Answer :

C. water

grass prevents erosion :: dam prevents water flow

Which of the following statements about msds is incorrect ?

Answer :

What statements about the material safety data sheets are incorrect? All looks the same there is only one version of the form, all MSDS LOOK ALIKE.

How did the monroe doctrine assert american nationalism ?

Answer :

The Monroe Doctrine asserted that any nation enacted any unwanted advances within the Western Hemisphere as an act of aggression toward the United States. The Monroe Doctrine states that any country has the right to defend itself from unwanted outside forces.
The Monroe doctrine also promised to protect any other country within the Americas, should they be attacked or an attempt was made by any European country to colonize it. This was a very generous offer to all third world countries within the Americas. Likewise, America promised not to bother any already colonized country within the Western Hemisphere. This policy was was a direct result of Spain’s aggression toward it’s colony in Cuba.

Which statement accurately describes assyrian relief sculptures ?

A. Artists created them by pouring molten metal into molds.
B. Artists carved them in high relief and painted them in bright colors.
C. They document the lives of ordinary Assyrian citizens.
D. Body parts of the figures in the reliefs are posed in their most recognizable positions.

Answer :

The answer for this question is “D. Body parts of the figures in the reliefs are posed in their most recognizable positions.”

Why was carnegie steel considered a vertical monopoly ?

A.The company controlled every step of steel production, from raw materials to distribution.
B.The company controlled all the steel plants in the country.
C.The company became the only source of steel after competitors went out of business.
D.The company was able to produce more steel than any other steel company in the world.

The answer is:

C. The company became the only source of steel after competitors went out of business.

Calculate the longest wavelength visible to the human eye ?

Answer :

The human eye contains a molecule called 11-cis-retinal that changes conformation when struck with light of sufficient energy. The change in conformation triggers a series of events that results in an electrical signal being sent to the brain. The minimum energy required to change the conformation of 11-cis-retinal within the eye is about 164 kJ/mol. Calculate the longest wavelength visible to the human eye.

You know the energy to change the retinal is 164 KJ/mole

A mole has 6.02×1023 atoms per mole. So first take 164KJ/mole and divide it by 6.02×1023 to find the amount of KJ per each atom…. 164/6.02×10^23 = 2.72×10-22KJ/atom
Next we will use the formula E=hc/wavelength. This formula uses Joules rather than KJ so you have to convert your first answer to Joules
2.72×10-22 * 10^3= 2.72×10-19 Joules/atom … because there are 103 Joules in one KJ

Now we know the Energy is 2.72×10-19 Joules/ atom
we also know h is planks constant = 6.626×10-34 Joules/sec
and we also know the speed of light c = 3.0×108 m/sec
So were ready to set up the equation
Wavelength = hc/E
(6.624×10-34)(3.0×108) / (2.72×10-19)
= 7.31×10-7 or 731nm

Yellow element that stinks when burned ?

Answer :

Sulfur smells like rotten egg and is yellow.

How many political parties participate in a totalitarian government ?

Answer :

Only 1 (one).

Daffynition decoder dog sled ?

Answer :

daffynition decoder
dog sled:
educational television:
I dont understand it. someone help ? its the one that says daffynition decoder, and the filled in words are dog sled, intestine, and educational television. thankyou if you can help in anyway !

Pokemon glazed move tutor ?

Answer :

The move re-learner is in Seaspray town, the house directly right of the mall.

Advantages and disadvantages of dnc ?

Answer :

Advantages and disadvantages of DNC system.


1. DNC eliminates the use of the tape reader, which is certainly the weakest component in the NC system.

2. Time sharing by the central control makes it possible to keep a close control over the complete machine shop.

3. The huge memory of DNC allows it to store a large amount of part programs for subsequent use. It also receives the memories of NC control unit.

4. Presence of a central bulk memory allows the same program to be run on different machines at the same time without duplicating it at individual places.


1. DNC uses a central control and in an event of computer failure, the complete activities of the machine shop would come to a standstill.

2. DNC is expensive and its use is practical in areas where high automation is required.

Plural form of el pupitre ?

Answer :

Los pupitres

Shemar moore married haley gonzalez ?

Answer :


How are repetition and replication alike and different ?

Answer :

Repetition means that the same thing appears twice or more times. While replication means that create one thing that is the same as the previous one. They are alike because they all refer things that are same.

Replication- the action of copying or reproducing something.
Repetition-the action of repeating something that has already been said or written.

Which statement is true regarding methane and ammonia ?

A. Methane molecules show hydrogen bonding.
B. Ammonia molecules show hydrogen bonding.
C. Methane has stronger hydrogen bonding than ammonia.
D. Both the compounds do not show hydrogen bonding.
E. Both the compounds have strong hydrogen bonding.

Answer :

A. Ammonia molecules show hydrogen bonding.
Methane has no unbonded electron pairs to interact with the hydrogen; ammonia does.

Baseball hitting contest logic puzzle answers ?

Answer :

At a baseball hitting contest 5 men joined
1. Biff
2. Carl
3. Fred
4. Marty
5. Tom
6. the last names are Jenkins Keech Macnab miller Winslow

the distances are 325 300 275 250 200
what are they ?
Mr. miller didnt hit the ball as far as biff but hit one farther than tom
Carl hit a ball farther than marty but not the farthest
Fred hit a ball farther than Mr. macnab but not as far as Mr. Keech who didnt hit the farthest
Tom hit a ball farther than mr. winslow whose first name is not marty
Hint: Set up the table and take down notes from the information given. Ask yourself: Who hit the farthest?

An organism that cannot make its own food is called ?

Answer :

An organism that cannot make its own food is called a heterotroph
All animals and species of fungi, along with some types of bacteria, are heterotrophs.

Decomposers, consumers and detritivores are all examples of heterotrophs. Decomposers get needed nutrients by breaking down decaying animals and plants or the waste products of other organisms. Some types of fungi and bacteria are classified as decomposers.

Consumers survive by eating other living things. Humans are consumers because they eat plants and animals. Detritivores feed on dead organisms and decaying matter, and what they leave behind is eaten by decomposers. Vultures feed on dead animals, so they are classified as detritivores. All three types of heterotrophs are important to their ecosystems.
Heterotrophs also rely on autotrophs for their survival. Autotrophs are organisms that have the ability to produce their own food. Some autotrophs use the energy generated by chemical reactions to produce food, while others use energy from the sun to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar and oxygen.

If there were no autotrophs, many organisms would cease to exist. Herbivores, which are plant-eating organisms, would not have any food. Omnivores eat plants as well as animals, so there would be less available to them. Some decomposers feed on decaying plant matter. Without plants, there would not be as much food available to these organisms.
Source: www.reference.com

Which sample of matter is a mixture ?

1. Which sample of matter is a mixture ?

A. NaCL (liquid),

B. NaCl (aq),

C. H2O (g),

D. H2O (s)?

2. Which sample of matter is a mixture ?

(1) Br2(ℓ)

(2) K(s)

(3) KBr(s)

(4) KBr(aq)

Answer :

1. B. NaCl (aq)
Aqueous sodium chloride is a homogeneous mixture because NaCl completely dissolves in water.
2. (4) KBr(aq)

How does heredity affect flexibility ?

A. Heredity does not affect flexibility.
B. Heredity affects which joint types a person develops.
C. Heredity affects the amount of flexibility present in joints.
D. Heredity affects how joint structure is developed.

Answer :

D. Heredity affects how joint structure is developed.

Hallucinogens can induce schizophrenic behavior true or false ?

Answer :

True, hallucinogens can induce schizophrenic behavior.

Which fits in a pentad under the category of agencies ?

A. at the swimming pool
B. to save swimmers
C. my swimming skills
D. me, the other lifeguards, and the swimmers

Answer :

A. at the swimming pool
Pentad consists of act, scene, agent, agency and purpose. At the swimming pool fits in a pentad under the category of agencies.

Definition of personality by different authors ?

Answer :

The term personality is derived from the latin root personna.

G.W.Allport defines personality as “the dynamic organization, with in the individual of those psychological systems that determines his unique adjustment to his environment”.
Eysenck defines that “personality is the more or less stable and enduring organization of a persons character temperament, interact and physique which determines his unique adjustment to the environment.

Morton prince defines personality as “Sum total of all, the biological innate dispositions, impulses, tendencies, appetites and instincts of the individual and the acquired disposition and tendencies.
Munn in his book states that personality may be defined as ” the most characteristic integration of an individual structure, modes of behaviour, interest attitudes and abilities and aptitudes, especially from the point of adjustment in social situations”.

Which of the following features was not created by subduction ?

Answer :

a) mariana trench
b) andes
c) japan
d) alps

Answer :

d) alps
the others
a) mariana trench – is being formed by the Pacific plate subducting beneath the Asia plate
b) andes – The Andes are the result of plate tectonics processes, caused by the subduction of oceanic crust beneath the South American plate.
c)japan – is being formed by the Pacific plate subducting beneath the Asia plate

Ratifying amendments is an example of a ?

A) concurrent power that is exclusive to the state governments
B) concurrent power that is exclusive to national government
C) reserved power that is exclusive to the state governments
D) reserved power that is exclusive to national government

Answer :

C) reserved power that is exclusive to the state governments

A 26’ long painting is how many yards long