Classify these compounds as acid base salt or other ?

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1. Classify these compounds as acid base salt or other ?

1. CH3OH
2. NaOH
3. HNO3
5. NaBr
6. CO2
7. KCl
8. NH3

2. Classify these compounds as acid, base or salt

1. hydrogen chloride HCl
2. hydrogen nitrate HNO3
3.hydrogen sulphate H2SO4
4.Hydrogen Carbonate H2CO3
5.ammonium hydroxide NH4OH
6. calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)4
7.magnesium hydroxideMg(OH)2
8.sodium hydroxideNaOH
9.sodium hydrogen carbonate NaHCO3
10.calcium carbonate CaCO3
11.zinc carbonate ZnCO3
12.ammonium sulphate(NH4)2SO4
13. potassium nitrate KNO3
14.sodium chloride NaCl

Answer :

1. Acid: HCOOH, HNO3

Base: NaOH, NH3
Salt: NaBr, KCl
Other: CO2, CH3CH3

2. Acid: HCl, HNO3, H2SO4, H2CO3,

Base: NaOH, NH3, NH4OH, Ca(OH)4, Mg(OH)2,
Salt: NaBr, KCl, CaCO3, ZnCO3, NaHCO3, (NH4)2SO4 , KNO3

What event constituted the boston tea party ?

Answer :

a) Colonists, protesting the Tea Act, burned a British ship along with its cargo of tea.
b) British ships carrying tea were forced to return to England without offloading their cargo at Boston.
c) Colonists, dressed as Mohawk Indians, boarded a docked British ship carrying tea and dumped the tea into the sea.
d) British soldiers opened fire on colonists protesting the Townshend Duties in Boston, killing five and wounding eight.

Answer :

a) Colonists, protesting the Tea Act, burned a British ship along with its cargo of tea.

A goniometer measures __________ ?

A. a joint’s maximum range of motion.
B. a joint’s minimum range of motion.
C. a joint’s flexion.
D. extension and hyperextension

Answer :

A. a joint’s maximum range of motion.

Rame hart_goniometer

Why did native americans develop different cultures ?

1. Why did native americans develop different cultures ?

a. Native American leaders decided differences would help identify members of their own tribes.
b. The different cultures were established in Asia and carried into the Americas.
c. Constant warfare among the different Native American groups led to cultural differences.
d. The cultures developed to suit the local climate and available resources.

2. Why did native americans develop different cultures ?

1.they spoke different languages.
2.they each thought their culture was best
3.they lived in different environments
4.they all thought they were the only people on earth

Answer :
1. d. The cultures developed to suit the local climate and available resources.
2. 3.they lived in different environments

Language reflects a culture, natives do not compete culturally (thats why we never warred over religion or lifestyle) and since we traded and interacted with each other regularly, we knew our individual tribes weren’t the only ones on earth 😉 therefore, the most logical conclusion would be “they live in different environments”. We are still alive, so past tense is inappropriate, point that out to your teacher. We LIVE, not LIVE-D-.

Plural form of un escritorio ?

Answer :

unos escritorios
In spanishh unos means several or some

los escritorios = the desks
unos escritorios = some desks

Why did states establish republican forms of government ?

a. to keep power in the hands of the wealthy
b. to take power away from landholders
c. to give people a voice in their government
d. to increase the power of governos

Answer :

c. to give people a voice in their government

Article 4, section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states that the United States shall guarantee to every state in the Union a republican form of government.

The framers of the United States Constitution chose a republican form of government over a direct democracy because they feared tyranny. In a republic form of government the people choose who they will elect to represent them making it difficult for elitism or social groups to take charge.

How did phillis wheatley distinguish herself ?

Answer :

As a poet.

Which of the following is the correct definition for orienteering ?

Answer :

A competitive or noncompetitive recreational activity in which participants use a map and compass to navigate between checkpoints along an unfamiliar course (as in the woods)
A competitive sport in which runners have to find their way across rough country with the aid of a map and compass.
(Individual Sports, other than specified) a sport in which contestants race on foot over a course consisting of checkpoints found with the aid of a map and a compass.
A sport in which competitors navigate unfamiliar terrain and locate checkpoints with the aid of a map and compass.
[1945–50; alter. of Swedish orientering]

Group of american leaders representing the colonies ?

Answer :

THE CONTINENTAL CONGRESS. From 1774 to 1789, the Continental Congress served as the government of the 13 American colonies and later the United States.

What type of osha inspection is conducted when immediate death ?

Answer :

Imminent danger

How many more phases occur during meiosis than during mitosis ?

Answer :

Meiosis has two phases for the reproduction of cells which results in there being two cell divisions. The first phase includes prophase I – during which the most important events of meiosis occur, metaphase I, anaphase I, telophase I, and cytokinesis. During the second phase, these processes repeat again with the cells that were formed at the end of the first phase.
In mitosis, the cells divide only once and this is via one phase which includes steps such as prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokinesis.

Difference between menarche and menopause ?

Answer :

When the ovulation of egg cell (or mantarution )is start this stage is called menarche but when it stops permanently then this stage is called menopause.

Menarche: The first menstrual flow which begins at puberty is called menarche. It occurs at the age of 12-13 years.

Menopause: The stoppage of menstrual flow in females is called menopause. It occurs at the age between 45-50 years.

Identify the generic outer electron configuration for the halogens ?

Answer :

n= energy level obusily it differnet for higher numbered but they alwasy end in

ns2 np5

It will be s2p5 ie 2 electrons in the s subshell and 5 electrons in the p subshell. Total seven electrons which is one short of a complete shell with eight electrons, as is the case with the noble gases which have an s2p6 outer configuration.

Which type of macromolecule is the sugar fructose ?

A. protein
B. lipid
C. carbohydrate
D. nucleic acid

Answer :

C. carbohydrate

Are toxins involved in the set point theory ?

Answer :

• According to the set-point theory, there is a control system built into every person dictating howmuch fat he or she should carry – a kind of thermostat for body fat. Some individuals have ahigh setting, others have a low one. According to this theory, body fat percentage and bodyweight are matters of internal controls that are set differently in different people.
• The set-point theory was originally developed in 1982 by Bennett and Gurin to explain whyrepeated dieting is unsuccessful in producing long-term change in body weight or shape. Goingon a weight-loss diet is an attempt to overpower the set point, and the set point is a seeminglytireless opponent to the dieter.
• The ideal approach to weight control would be a safe method that lowers or raises the set pointrather than simply resisting it. So far no one knows for sure how to change the set point, butsome theories exist. Of these, regular exercise is the most promising: a sustained increase inphysical activity seems to lower the setting (Wilmore et al. 1999).
• According to the set-point theory, the set point itself keeps weight fairly constant, presumablybecause it has more accurate information about the body’s fat stores than the conscious mind canobtain. At the same time, this system pressures the conscious mind to change behavior,producing feelings of hunger or satiety. Studies show that a person’s weight at the set point isoptimal for efficient activity and a stable, optimistic mood. When the set point is driven too low,depression and lethargy may set in as a way of slowing the person down and reducing thenumber of calories expended.
• The set point, it would appear, is very good at supervising fat storage, but it cannot tell thedifference between dieting and starvation. The dieter who begins a diet with a high set pointexperiences constant hunger, presumably as part of her body’s attempt to restore the status quo. Even dedicated dieters often find that they cannot lose as much weight as they would like. Afteran initial, relatively quick loss, dieters often become stuck at a plateau and then lose weight at amuch slower rate, although they remain as hungry as ever.
• Dieting research demonstrates that the body has more than one way to defend its fat stores. Long-term caloric deprivation, in a way that is not clear, acts as a signal for the body to turndown its metabolic rate. Calories are burned more slowly, so that even a meager diet almostsuffices to maintain weight. The body reacts to stringent dieting as thought famine has set in. Within a day or two after semi-starvation begins, the metabolic machinery shifts to a cautiousregimen designed to conserve the calories it already has on board. Because of this innatebiological response, dieting becomes progressively less effective, and (as generations of dietershave observed) a plateau is reached at which further weight loss seems all but impossible.
Adapted from Integrative Group Treatment for Bulimia Nervosa by Helen Riess, M.D. and Mary Dockray-MillerQuestions about this topic? Contact the Center for Health Promotion and Wellness Set-Point Theory

How is 6.3 written in scientific notation ?

Answer :

it would be 6.3×100 If you put anything the the “zeroth” power it equals 1. If I remember how to use scientific notation you want the decimal to be after the 6 so its 6.3… which times 1 is also 6.3.

Which statement best characterizes animism ?

A. It’s a religion that maintains the futility of human existence.
B. It’s composed of irrational superstitions that arise in underdeveloped rural communities.
C. It’s the basis of social status within a tribe.
D. It combines natural, human, and spiritual forces.

Answer :

D. It combines natural, human, and spiritual forces.

The union was known for staging violent strikes against companies ?

A. National Labor
B. Knights of Labor
C. American Federation of Labor

Answer :

B. Knights of Labor

What is the chemical name of the compound cu2co3 ?

Answer :

Cu2Cu3 = Copper (I) carbonate.

What solution did fascists promote to end the depression ?

Answer :

Strong central leadership

Why did abraham lincoln win the presidency ?

A. Most Americans were abolitionists.
B. The proslavery vote split between several candidates.
C. He had the most experience of all the candidates.
D. The population in the South exceeded that of the North.

Answer :

It was largely between Lincoln and his rival William Seward. Seward led on the early ballots, but the Republican convention of 1860 was roughly split between `Radical` abolitionists and `Stalwarts` who were more interested in picking someone electable. The Republicans were born out of the ashes of the Whig party, which had been largely destroyed over the issue of slavery. Although many northern Democrats also opposed slavery, none dared do so openly even though the issue split the Democrats in two as well.
However, although both Lincoln and Seward were seen as impeccable abolitionists, Seward was seen by the more moderate Republicans as too radical. However, when Seward moderated his positions, he lost many of his radical supporters who fled to Lincoln.
In the end, Lincoln was the candidate who had not alienated a large block of delegates. All the other candidates who may have had a chance were largely unacceptable to one or the other factiosn within the party. When Lincoln got close, a good portion of Seward`s delegates abandoned him in the name of party solidarity.

Which advancement in technology has helped cut down on waste ?

Answer :

1. Turning dug-up waste into gas or converting rubbish into building materials are among new techniques that may help end landfill.
2. E-Waste
3. Waste-to-energy (WTE)

Where does meiosis take place in bryophytes ?

Answer :

Meiosis takes in the capsule of the Bryophytes, The Antheridia Protonema Capsule. Meiosis takes place in the tiny sprorophyte stage of bryophytes, which are attached to and dependent on the much larger gametophyte stage.

Lymphomas are types of cancers that affect __________ ?

Answer :

Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system. It affects a type of white blood cells known as lymphocytes. These help fight disease in the body. They play an important role in the immune system.

Which type of protagonist is common to psychological suspense ?

A. female
B. highly intelligent
C. overly friendly
D. ambiguous

Answer :

A. female

classify these compounds as acid base salt or other, Why did Native Americans develop different cultures?   A Constant warfare among the different Native American groups led to cultural differences   B The cultures developed to suit the local climate and available resources   C The different cultures were e