What factors led to robespierre becoming a dictator ?


Answer :

1. Robespierre was a Jacobin and an extreme revolutionist
2. Since people wanted change, they let him get into power.
3. He lead to the death of the King and the people liked that about him

Beginning with the execution of Louis XVI in January 1793, France faced an increase in food riots, large popular insurrections and devastating treasonous acts by those thought to be patriots. Also, France was threatened by foreign powers who had been threatening to invade if the King or his family were harmed. A stable government was needed to quell the chaos.

On April 6, the nine-member Committee of Public Safety replaced the larger Committee of General Defense. On July 27, 1793 the Convention elected Robespierre to the Committee, although he had not sought the position. The Committee of General Security began to manage the country’s internal police.

Robespierre was one of the most popular orators in the National Convention and his carefully prepared speeches often made a deep impression. It was Robespierre’s belief that political terror and virtue were of necessity inseparable, and that a truly democratic and free society could only be founded on the violent destruction and abolition of the Ancien Régime.
One of his most famous quotes regarding his policies is,

“La terreur n’est autre chose que la justice prompte, sévère, inflexible.” (Terror is nothing other than prompt, severe, inflexible justice.)

Who would most likely be called an autocrat ?

Answer :


Which statement best explains the relationship between diet and osteoporosis ?

A) Cholesterol blocks calcium from reaching bone cells. A diet that is high in cholesterol can lead to osteoporosis.
B) Calcium and phosphorus build strong and flexible bones. A diet that lacks these nutrients can lead to osteoporosis.
C) Protein and iron build strong and flexible bones. A diet that lacks these nutrients can lead to osteoporosis

Answer :

B) Calcium and phosphorus build strong and flexible bones. A diet that lacks these nutrients can lead to osteoporosis.
Dichotomous keys are constructed based on ?
A. combinations of characteristics in unknown organisms
B. combinations of characteristics known organisms
C. genetic sequences in known organisms
D. genetic sequences in unknown organisms

Answer :

B. combinations of characteristics known organisms

Which property of a rigid transformation is exclusive to rotations ?

A) The measures of the angles and sides in the preimage are preserved.
B) A line segment connecting the image to the preimage forms a 90° angle with the center of rotation.
C) The distance from each point on the image to the center of rotation is preserved.
D) All the points on the image move along a parallel line when the preimage is transformed.

Answer :

A is true of ALL rigid transformations, not just rotations.
B is meaningless. How can a segment and a point form an angle?
C presupposes you are dealing with a rotation, since it makes reference to “the center of rotation”. It is, of course, true.
D is false in the case of rotations (it is true of parallel displacements).

So I suppose the right answer is C. But it should have been worded as “there is a point whose distance to every point is preserved”.

Which is the best example of oral tradition in india ?

A) Brahmans memorized and recited the history and traditions of the Aryans
B) Aryan priests led the people in prayers
C) Aryan leaders gave speeches to encourage the people to resist their enemies
D) Poets wrote verses to sing the praises of the Aryan leaders

Answer :

A) Brahmans memorized and recited the history and traditions of the Aryans

Low voter turnout and political apathy endanger ?

Answer :

Low voter turnout and political apathy endanger democracy

The 2000 meter row a case in homeostasis ?

Answer :

The 2000-Meter Row

A Case in Homeostasis


Nathan Strong

Biological Sciences / Chemistry Department

New Hampshire Technical Institute



The physically demanding sport of competitive rowing is the backdrop for this case about homeostasis in which students follow the physiological changes that occur in an athlete competing in a 2000-meter race. The case was developed for use in a second-year anatomy and physiology course. It would also be appropriate in exercise and sports science classes.


To relate the functioning of one system with another.
To understand homeostasis as continuous process and not as a state.
To illustrate cause-and-effect within the human body.

The best synonym for autocrat is ?

A. president
B. authority
C. anarchist
D. dictator

Answer :

The best synonym for autocrat is dictator.


Factories in new england in the 1800s produced ?

a. raw cotton
b. water wheels
c. coal
d. shoes

Answer :

D. Shoes

State two ways living and nonliving things differ ?

Answer :

-living things are conscious,
so there is movement that make them unpredictable,
whereas non-living things are mostly matter,
so there is no movement and these become predictable.

-living things have emotions, feelings and a body with so many biological systems,
whereas non-living things simply have a body without any biological system inside.

The largest difference is that living things have cells, non-living things do not. In addition, living things also:

1) reproduce
2) consume nutrients/food
3) grow and develop
4) respond to stimuli

Well living and nonliving things differ in a major way. For example, living things go the process of energy exchange, for all living things need to gian energy from some source let it be trees who need water and sunlight to produce glucose as their food and release oxygen in the air, to humans, who eat meat and vegetables to support a healthy life style. Another difference is that living things can die and decompose, as opposed to nonliving things that “erode.” Living things decompose and transfer their nutrients to the living things around it. Non living things “erode,” to form different nonliving things. And most of the time, nonliving things are absorbed or can be used by living things, such as water, oxygen, sunlight.

How did sparta treat the messenians ?

Answer :

Both sides utilized an explosive incident to settle the rivalry by full-scale war. The war was prolonged into 20 years. The result was a Spartan victory. Messenia was depopulated by emigration of the Achaeans to other states. Those who did not emigrate were reduced socially to helots, or serfs. Their descendants were held in hereditary subjection for centuries until the Spartan state finally needed them for defense.

Sparta was very cruel to the Messenians. They forced the Messenians to give them half of thepeasants crops. Peasants tied to the land (helots).

How did the enlightenment affect the colonies ?

Answer :

The enlightenment changed the european habits of minds and tradtions, and therefore had already caused huge fundemental changes.
The colonists (immigrants) brought with them their own traditions and beliefs and tried to preserve them, but the environment was so different that they had to re-asses the traditional ways of doing things. this made them more open to new ideas. in the new environment the old traditions did not always work and the most successfull colonists/ farmers were those open to the ‘new ideas’

John Locke’s belief that all men were free, equal and with a natural right to life made sense to the 13 colonies. that governements were created as the result of a ‘contract’ between electors and elected in order to preserve these rights not a given right by god. and if a ruler violeted his ‘contract’ his subjects had a duty to oppose him. this basically came down to that the land/state was not and inherited property and therefore challanged the ideas of kings. so when england gave the idea of ‘virtual representation’ these new beliefs were already embeded in the colonists, as by the 1760’s the colonists were already seeing themselves as citizens of their own country as opposed to british citizens (this was partly due to saltuary neglect) and this idea and havit of mind was the american revolution in its beginning

The terms confederate unitary and federal all refer to ?

A. Who has the power in a government
B. How much power a government has
C. Where the power of a government is located
D. How power is divided between the branches of government

Answer :

C. Where the power of a government is located

What is the oxidation number of manganese in kmno4 ?

Answer :

K⁺ and MnO₄⁻ must add to equal 0 so the charge of Mn plus the charge of O must equal -1. To determine Mn charge set up an equation and solve for x

There are 4 O atoms so the total charge is -8

The charge on the MnO ion is -1

x + (-8) = -1

x = +7 This is the charge on Mn

Over the years the supreme court has shifted to permit ?

A) more states to reject Roe v. Wade
B) fewer state restrictions for women seeking abortion
C) fewer federal restrictions for women seeking abortion
D) more state restrictions on abortion

Answer :

D) more state restrictions on abortion

How does the structure of the stigma aid in pollination ?

Answer :

A stigma is long and projects itself from the flower far enough to catch pollen grains in whatever way they are dispersed. Some have a sticky substance on its tip to catch the pollen grains and hold them.

Living organisms break down polysaccharides into ?

A. simple sugars.
B. complex monomers.
C. complex carbohydrates.
D. simple polymers.

Answer :

A. simple sugars.

Chemotherapy uses __________ to destroy cancer cells ?

A. radiation
B. hormones
C. drugs
D. surgery

Answer :

Chemotherapy (also called chemo) is a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells.

C. drugs

Magnetic reversals have helped to support ?

A. the theory of Pangaea.
B. the age of the Earth.
C. sea-floor spreading.
D. the theory of Gondwana.

Answer :

C. sea-floor spreading.

What belief contributed to the boxer rebellion ?

Answer :

Foreigners were responsible for many of the problems in china.

Their original aim was the destruction of the dynasty and also of the Westerners who had a privileged position in China.

Christian missionary activities helped provoke the Boxers; Christian converts flouted traditional Chinese ceremonies and family relations; and missionaries pressured local officials to side with Christian converts—who were often from the lower classes of Chinese society—in local lawsuits and property disputes. By late 1899 the Boxers were openly attacking Chinese Christians and Western missionaries.

Physioex exercise 11 blood analysis answers ?

Answer :


Is a duck a carnivore herbivore or omnivore ?

Answer :

Duck is omnivora.

The term “Carnivore” applies only to Mammals.
If you mean, do they eat meat ONLY, the answer is no. They are omnivorous in their eating habits, in that they will eat almost anything that they can swallow. This includes snails, fish, insects, spiders, slugs, frogs, salamanders, snakes, lizards, fruit, roots, water plants, berries, grasses, etc, etc, etc.

In the unit safety program the adso is responsible for ?

Answer :

Expectations for safe behavior, conducting composite risk management training, advising the command on safety issues, conducting surveys and hazard analyses.

What constitutional guarantees underlie the american free enterprise system ?

Answer :

Private property rights, free contract, and freedom from unfair taxation are guaranteed by the Constitution.
The Bill of Rights to the United States constitution guarantees certain individual freedoms, such as freedom of speech and the freedom of religion which underlie the american free enterprise system.

Which would be good historical evidence when studying manifest destiny ?

A.) a chart showing the Louisiana Purchase in current dollars
B.) a food log showing what settlers ate
C.) a street map of New Orleans
D.) the Louisiana Purchase treaty

Answer :

Manifest Destiny is term for the belief that the U.S. had the right and duty to expand across the North American continent. The Louisiana Purchase (French: Vente de la Louisiane “Sale of Louisiana”) was the acquisition of the Louisiana territory (828,000 square miles or 2.14 million km²) by the United States from France in 1803. The U.S. paid fifty million francs ($11,250,000 USD) and a cancellation of debts worth eighteen million francs ($3,750,000 USD) for a total of sixty-eight million francs ($15,000,000 USD, or around $250m in 2016 dollars).

D.) the Louisiana Purchase treaty