Which of these investments may pay dividends ?


A. Bonds
B. Savings accounts
C. Certificates of deposit
D. stocks

Answer :

D. stocks

The purpose of dividends is to return wealth back to the shareholders of a company. There are two main types of dividends: cash and stock.

The atomic mass of an element whose atoms consist of seven protons, eight neutrons, and seven electrons is _____.

A. 7
B. 14
C. 15
D. 22

Answer :

C. 15

What did the federalists want the constitution to provide ?

A. a bill of rights protecting basic liberties
B. a strong central government
C. unlimited power for state governments
D. citizens’ conventions

Answer :

B. a strong central government

Approximately _____ elements occur naturally on earth ?

A. 117
B. 25
C. 92
D. 82

Answer :

C. 92

You can see smell and taste microorganisms true or false ?

Answer :

False, It is possible to see them in a microscope but cannot smell dan taste them.

Which of the following statements about dante alighieri is true ?

1. Other Italian writers of his generation refused to acknowledge his work as valid.
2. The modern Italian language was strongly influenced by his writings.
3. He refused to look to other writing styles for inspiration and ideas.
4. His writings inspired his followers to reject the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Answer :

2. The modern Italian language was strongly influenced by his writings.

A refrigerant oil that is hygroscopic ?

Answer :

has a high affinity for water and Readily absorbs moisture

When heated kclo3 decomposes into kcl and o2 ?

Answer :

When heated, KClO3 decomposes into KCl and O2.
2KClO3 ——-> 2KCl+ 3O2
If this reaction produced 96.6 g of KCl, how much O2 was produced (in grams)?

2 KClO3(s)———> 2 KCl(s) + 3 O2(g)
2 moles KClO3 decomposes into 3 moles O2 and 2 moles KCl
Molar mass of KClO3 = 122.5 g / mol

Molar mass of KCl = 74.5 g / mol

96.6 g KCl = 96.6 / 74.5 = 1.2966 moles, for these many moles of KCl,
O2 moles will be [ 3/2] *1.2966 = 1.94 moles or 62.2389 g O2
9. When will i get my first period quiz ?

Answer :

Does dinitrogen tetroxide have covalent or ionic bonds ?

Answer :

The answer is covalent. Dinitrogen trioxide is covalently bonded.


Stereotypes patterns and predictable actions are all types of ?

A. Risks
B. Indicators
C. Vulnerabilities
D. Critical information

Answer :

B. Indicators

Which question can be answered by science ?

1. Which question can be answered by science ?

A. Should the government regulate the use of shopping bags?
B. Why do you think people should use paper bags?
C. Should people be required to reuse plastic bags?
D. What is the effect of paper bags on the environment?

2. Which question can be answered by science ?

A. How much pesticide is safe to use on plants?
B. How should you feel about using plastic bags?
C. Should scientists be allowed to do genetic research?
D. Why do paper bags look better than plastic bags?

Answer :

1. D) is the correct answer.

A) is a political issue, B) is an opinion, C) is both a political and Social issue

2. A) is the correct answer. You can actually find a solution by testing the theory. B C & D are just answered with opinions.

Who is considered the father of modern art criticism ?

Answer :

La Font de Saint-Yenne, Etienne (1688 – 1771).

French courtier and critic. Born into a bourgeois family involved in the Lyon silk trade, he became one of the most celebrated art critics of the 18th century. He has been called the father of modern art criticism, and to the extent that he was the precursor of Denis Diderot this claim stands. He was certainly the first important critic in France.

What did traveling on streetcars mean for many young people ?

Answer :

They could get to know each other without supervision.

The smallest unit of a compound is a(n) _____.

A. atom
B. cell
C. molecule
D. proton

Answer :

C. molecule

What is included in phase i of casualty assistance ?

Answer :

Contacting the servicing legal assistance office.

Why was it considered necessary to establish osha ?

A. To assure pay equality for all workers in the nation
B. To assure that discrimination does not occur in the workplace
C. To assure that every worker in the nation has safe and healthful working conditions and to preserve human resources

Answer :

C. To assure that every worker in the nation has safe and healthful working conditions and to preserve human resources

Which component of blood protects us from invading foreign material ?

A. plasma
B. erythrocytes
C. thrombocytes
D. leukocytes

Answer :

Leucocytes are a primary defence against invading organisms and other foreign material, using two main methods: PHAGOCYTOSIS and the IMMUNE RESPONSE.

D. leukocytes

Calculate zeff for a valence electron in an oxygen atom ?

Answer :

Zeff = Z – S = (Total number of protons)-(total number of screening electrons)
For valence electrons this calculation for Zeff would turn out to be the same as you stated above and in calculating the Zeff for an atom’s valence electrons it’s convenient to remember as it’s simply (and coincidentally) the same as the atom’s number of valence electrons.

Use Slater’s Rules

O ~ (1s)2 (2s, 2p)6

Therfore shielding, S = (0.35 x 5) + (0.85 x 2) = 3.45

Zeff = Z – S
= 8 – 3.45
= 4.55

The effective nuclear charge experienced by a valence electron on an O atom is +4.55.

How did the policy of fordism affect workers ?

Answer :

Fordism is “the eponymous manufacturing system designed to spew out standardized, low-cost goods and afford its workers decent enough wages to buy them.” It has also been described as “a model of economic expansion and technological progress based on mass production: the manufacture of standardized products in huge volumes using special purpose machinery and unskilled labor.”Although Fordism was a method used to improve productivity in the automotive industry, the principle could be applied to any kind of manufacturing process. Major success stemmed from three major principles:

1. The standardization of the product (nothing is handmade, but everything is made through machines and molds by unskilled workers)
2. The employment of assembly lines, which use special-purpose tools and/or equipment to allow unskilled workers to contribute to the finished product
3. Workers are paid higher “living” wages so that they can afford to purchase the products they make

The principles, coupled with a technological revolution during Henry Ford’s time, allowed for his revolutionary form of labor to flourish. His assembly line was revolutionary but in no way original. His most original contribution to the modern world was breaking down complex tasks into simpler ones, with the help of specialised tools. Simpler tasks created interchangeable parts that could be used the same every time. That allowed for a very adaptable flexibility, creating an assembly line that could change its constituent components to meet the needs of the product being assembled. In reality, the assembly line had already been around before Ford although not in quite the same effectiveness as he would create. His real accomplishment was recognizing the potential by breaking it all down into its components, only to build it back up again in a more effective and productive combination, thereby producing an optimum method for the real world.
The major advantages of such a change was that it cut down on the manpower necessary for the factory to operate, and it deskilled the labour itself, cutting down on costs of production.

Thylakoids dna and ribosomes are all components found in ?

A) chloroplasts.
B) nuclei.
C) lysosomes.
D) mitochondria.
E) vacuoles.

Answer :

Thylakoids, DNA, and ribosomes are all components found in chloroplasts.

Similarities between marasmus and kwashiorkor ?

Answer :

They are both protein defeciency syndromes

Difference Between Kwashiorkor and Marasmus

Kwashiorkor vs Marasmus

Both marasmus and kwashiorkor are diseases that arise due to an inadequate diet and starvation. There are subtle differences between the two conditions. Let us take a look at what they are:

A kid who is suffering from marasmus can be identified at a glance. He will have dry and lose skin hanging over the glutei. The child loses adipose or fat tissue from normal areas of the body like the buttocks and the thighs. The child is usually irritable and has an exceptionally strong appetite. The child also has alternated layers of non pigmented or pigmented hair.
A patient with kwashiorkor suffers from damaged absorption. He may also display abnormal burns, nephrosis or a chronic liver disease. The child may also suffer from loss of muscular mass, edema or other immunodeficiency symptoms. The child also suffers from vomiting, infections and diarrhea.


Marasmus is caused by a severe nutritional deficiency in general. It is usually found in very young infants and very young children. It can be prevented by breastfeeding. It is actually caused by the total or partial lack of nutritional elements in the food over a period of time.
Kwashiorkor is actually the result of a lack of protein in the diet. It is different from marasmus, which is a total lack of nutrition in the diet. The term kwashiorkor is derived from an African term which means ‘first- second child’. This is because it usually affects children who are weaned away because of the birth of a second child.

Who does it affect?

Due to the reason behind the condition, marasmus usually affects very young children. However, kwashiorkor affects slightly older children.
Kwashiorkor is usually rampant in those parts of the world where babies become deficient in proteins because of their weaning habits. The diets do not lack in calories as is typical in children suffering from marasmus. It is found in third world countries suffering from starvation. However, it can affect anyone who suffers from a lack of protein in the diet, and an excess of carbohydrates.

Kwashiorkor is usually treated with the addition of protein in the diet, usually in the form of dried milk. It also includes a nutritious diet where at least 12% of the calories come from protein and 10% from fat.

Marasmus is usually treated by adding vitamin B and following a nutritious diet in general.

1. Marasmus patients suffer from a peeling and alternately pigmented skin. Kwashiorkor patients are characterized by a distended stomach, burns on the skin and diarrhea.
2. Marasmus affects kids because of a lack of nutritional elements in the diet. Kwashiorkor affects kids who do not receive enough protein in the diet.
3. Marasmus affects infants and very young kids. Kwashiorkor affects kids who are a bit older.
4. Marasmus patients need to be treated with additional doses of vitamin B and a nutritious diet. Kwashiorkor patients are treated by adding more protein in their diet.


Together the black codes and actions of white extremist groups ?

A. protected the rights of formerly enslaved people
B. inspired most people to accept the new ways of life
C. helped improve life in the Reconstruction-era South
D. circumvented rights in the Civil War Amendments

Answer :

D. Circumvented rights in the Civil War Amendments

How does a writ of habeas corpus safeguard individual freedom ?

Answer :

By allowing the accused to request a trial by jury

Free radical halogenation of 1 pentene with br2 and hv ?

Answer :

pant-1-ene would react with bromine to form 1,2-dibromopentane
CH2CHCH3+Br2—>CH2BrCHBrCH3 (all numbers should be subscript)
this is a free radical substitution reaction.

Which of these investments may pay dividends?