Manifesto for social prefect ?

Sulfur tetrafluoride sf4

Answer :

Promoting social enterprise across Scotlandis essential to boost the numbers of socialenterprises and ethical consumer choices.

Social enterprises offer positive solutions tobetter, more inclusive and more responsiveperson-centred public services.

Ensure that all types of business support include specific and effective social enterprise knowledge and expertise.

Building social investment and innovative financemodels, plus protecting and opening up funding, is essential.

Empower local people, community groups andlocal social enterprises across Scotland at everyopportunity, devolving power downwards.

Calculate the average of 766 and 878 ?

Answer :

(766 + 878) / 2 = 1644 / 2 = 822

Vaunt flaunt disparate divergent alike abet dire ?

Answer :

vaunt : flaunt :: disparate : divergent alike abet dire ?

A. Divergent
B. Alike
C. Abet
D. Dire

Answer :

A. Divergent

Explain two ways in which water’s properties help sustain life ?

Answer :

1. Cohesion is the sticking together of similar molecules. Water is very cohesive. This allows water to be pulled along a pathway with relative ease. This helps trees pull water up to the top leaves.

2. Surface Tension and cohesion allows water to pull together and form droplets or form an interface between it and other surfaces. The measure of how hard it is to break this interface is its surface tension.  Water allows materials to rest upon it if the surface tension is not broken. Pollen, dust, water insects, and other biological materials are able to remain on the surface of the water because of this tension.

3. Adhesion the sticking of one substance to another along with cohesion produces capillary action which moves water up a thin tube like xylem in plants.

4. Imbibition: The process of soaking into a hydrophilic substance. Water being taken into a sponge, into a seed, into paper towels.

5. High Specific Heat: Specific heat of a substance is the heat needed (gained or lost) to change the temperature of 1g. of a substance 1degree Celsius. This high specific heat allows water to act as a heat sink. Water will retain its temperature after absorbing large amounts of heat, and retain its temperature after losing equally large amounts of heat. The Ocean acts as a tremendous heat sink to moderate the earth’s temperature.

6. High Heat of Vaporization: Water must absorb a certain amount of additional heat to change from a liquid into a gas. This extra heat is called heat of vaporization. In humans, this value is 576 cal/g. This results in evaporative cooling of the surface.

7. Freezing and Expansion of Water: Water is most dense at 4 degrees C. At ) degrees C. it is 10% less dense. Ice floats because maximum Hydrogen bonding occurs at 0 degrees C.

8. Versatile Solvent: Water is a major solvent in nature. When water and another substance is mixed the resulting solution is called an aqueous solution. Cells are solutions made mostly of water.

What is an elegiac broadside ?

A. a large sheet of paper sold on the streets
B. an elegant poem put to music
C. a mournful, plaintive ballad
D. a sensational disaster

Answer :

Elegy definition, a mournful, melancholy, or plaintive poem, especially a funeral song or a lament for the dead.

C. a mournful, plaintive ballad

Hot springs are heated geothermally by underlying ?

Answer :


The magma within the Earth’s mantle is the source of heat for hot springs.

Opposition to certain federal powers ?

A. XYZ affair
B. alien and sedition acts
C. the federalists era
D. virginia an kentucky resolutions
E. proclamation of neutrality

Answer :

D. virginia an kentucky resolutions

Is sf4 polar or nonpolar ?

Answer :

Factors on which polarity of a molecule depends:

1. Presence of polar bonds/lone pair
2. Shape of the molecule

Sulfur tetrafluoride, SF4: Have four S-F bonds ,since F is the most electronegative and S is moderately electro negative.So,S-F is a polar bond.

Sulfur tetrafluoride sf4

Which is the best definition of federalism ?

1. Which is the best definition of federalism ?

a. A happy combination of mixed government.
b. The quality of federal supremacy in government.
c. Federal authority exercised over state governments.
d. Two governments exercising power over the same people and the same area.
e. Powers conferred to the federal overnment by the Constitution.

2. Which is the best definition of federalism ?

A. federalism enables the state and the national government to share power.

B. federalism encourages the practice of direct democracy at the state level rather than the national level.

C. federalism provides for the regular election of the state and national officials.

D. Federalism gives congress powers that were not originally enumerated in the constitution.

Answer :

1. d. Two governments exercising power over the same people and the same area.
2. A. federalism enables the state and the national government to share power.

An individual center of gravity can usually be found __________ ?

a. just above the belly button
b. just above the knees
c. just below the neck
d. just below the hips

Answer :

d. just below the hips

In the anatomical position, the COG (center of gravity) lies approximately anterior to the second sacral vertebra.

How does echo try to communicate her love to narcissus ?

Answer :

By repeating parts of his words to him.
By telling him what he doesn’t know so bascially repeating himself

Does your birth certificate have your blood type ?

Answer :

No. A birth certificate is a legal document, not a medical document. If you want to know your blood type, it may be in your medical files or if you have ever donated blood you can call and they will have it on file.

Thread is to string as cask is to ?


A. wine
B. tub
C. barrel
D. party

Answer :

C. barrel


A cask is a large barrel like container made of wood, metal, or plastic, used for storing liquids especially those with alcohol.

What does how many mean in math ?

Answer :

“how many” means “what is the number”

However, you have to figure out for yourself whether you add, subtract, multiply, etc.

What determines the amount of chemical energy a substance has ?

Answer :

the amount of chemical energy a substance has is determined by the kinds of atoms in the substance and their arrangement.

Minecraft sweet and awesome ?

Answer :

Scientists believe that earth and the other planets formed ?

Answer :

While scientists have widely accepted the idea that the planets formed from rocky asteroids, researchers have now found that they may instead have been built from ‘giant convecting mud balls.’
According to the study, ice-filled grains of cosmic dust in the early solar system may have melted as they were subjected to radioactive heat, creating globs of water and dust that became the precursors to larger planetary bodies.

Which phase change is the reverse of condensation ?

a. freezing.
b. sublimation.
c. vaporization.
d. melting.

Answer :

c. vaporization.

Vaporization (or vapourisation) of an element or compound is a phase transition from the liquid phase to vapor. [1] There are two types of vaporization: evaporation and boiling. Evaporation is a surface phenomenon, whereas boiling is a bulk phenomenon.

What was the great compromise in drafting the new constitution ?

Answer :

A plan for states’ representation in Congress

What is true about an egalitarian family ?

Answer :

A. The father is the head of the household and has the most power.
B. The mother is the head of the household and has the most power.
C. The children hold the most power.
D. Power is distributed equally among the adult members of the family.

Answer :

D. Power is distributed equally among the adult members of the family.

Pre algebra with pizzazz page 188 ?

Answer :

The Rookie Football Player Who Kept Asking His Coach To Flood The Football field With Water So He Could Go In As A Sub.

A hydrologist is most likely to study pollution in _______ ?

a. lakes
b. soil
c. the atmosphere
d. none of the above

Answer :

a. lakes

The positive aspects of stress are ?

Answer :

The positive aspects of stress are flavor, challenge, and opportunity.

What tradition does smith describe in this excerpt ?

Answer :

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a 1943 novel written by Betty Smith.

One Christmas, Francie and Neeley participate in an old Brooklyn tree-catching tradition. They remain standing while the biggest tree in the lot is thrown straight at them. Although they are thrilled with the thought of a Christmas tree, the reader understands the cruelty of this ritual, especially when Katie begins to worry that her children do not even know the hardship they live in.

Choose the correct description of the warsaw pact ?

Answer :

A geographical command of NATO